Complex Bundle Issuance - Media Market #FM050319CMGX01

Complex Bundle Issuance - Media Market #FM050319CMGX01

Written on 05/11/2019
Futurs Market

Complex Bundle #FM050319CMGX01

CB Asset Film Genre Spot Price Forward Valuation Rating Group Issuer
Teen Film Teen Horror $850,000 TBD $1.7MM B++ Content Machine
Teen Film Teen Drama $730,000 TBD $1.5MM B++ Content Machine
Teen Film Teen Musical $990,000 TBD $1.9MM B++ Content Machine
Marketing Online/Print 15%closing TBD TBD B++ Content Machine


Trade status : Onhold till further notice from Market Issuance

Trading begins at the time of completion on the pre-valuation and rating, as it relates to All Sellers parties in terms of Intellectual Properties (copyrights and/or trademarks), Products (patents and/or physical-digital designs), Services (competitive edge), Valuations and Ratings.

Issuing Group > Content Machine

(CB) #FM050319CMGX01

  • Demographics: 14yrs-to-18yrs
  • Genre: Teen Film
    • Teen Horror
    • Teen Drama
    • Teen Musical
  • Distribution: Streaming
  • Marketing Strategy
    • All-Inclusive package for pre-distribution and distributors assets.
    • Budget is based on 15% onto the final closing spot price.
  • Final Delivery - (3) feature films
    • 4k Cinema digital
    • Marketing Assets and Strategy
    • Intellectual Properties
      • Copyrights, Trademarks, Talent Contracts, Licencing Agreements, Audio/Video Libraries, Phototgraphy, Prints & Advertising Assets.
  • Final Delivery - (TBD)